The Ultimate Crystal Beach Packing List So You Don’t Forget the Essentials

It’s almost time to hit the road and head to the ultimate Gulf Coast vacation, but it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and do the thing you’ve been putting off all week – packing. Luckily, we’re here to help you get started on your planning with the ultimate Crystal Beach packing list! Below, you’ll find everything you need to pack in the car beforehand so that you can relax and enjoy one of the best beach vacations of your life.  

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The Ultimate Crystal Beach Packing List  

For Families  

You’re probably planning a vacation to take a break from the daily stresses that come with balancing your work and family life, and we know traveling with kids can sometimes get hectic. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Make your beach trip run a little smoother by packing these essential items 

Car Packing List  

  • Water bottles  
  • Snacks  
  • Baby bottles and formula  
  • Diapers and wet wipes  
  • IPad or entertainment  
  • Music  
  • Car chargers  
  • Wallet, credit cards, and money  
  • Driver’s License  

Vacation Rental Packing List  

  • Deck of cards/ board games  
  • Laptop/Phone and chargers  
  • Netflix Login Information  
  • Batteries for devices you bring  
  • Dish soap and laundry detergent  
  • Paper towels  
  • Pajamas  


  • Wet Wipes  
  • Baby Powder  
  • Soap  
  • Baby Shampoo  
  • Hair products, clips, ties, and brushes  
  • Hairdryer, flat iron, curling iron  
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste  
  • Floss  
  • Glasses, contacts, case, and solution  
  • Deodorant  
  • Nail clippers  
  • Lotion  
  • Makeup  
  • Feminine products  
  • Medicine  
  • Tylenol/First Aid Kit  
  • Don’t forget the kids’ favorite stuffed animal!  

Beach Packing List  

  • Beach bag  
  • Kids’ beach bag  
  • Towels  
  • Sunblock  
  • Sunglasses  
  • Hats  
  • Beach chairs  
  • Umbrella  
  • Cooler  
  • Water bottles  
  • Bottle opener  
  • Snacks  
  • Lunch  
  • Water shoes/sandals  
  • Trash bags  
  • Napkins  
  • Beach toys (buckets, shovels, floats, boogie boards)  

For the Adventurer  

In addition to our incredible beaches on the Bolivar Peninsula, outdoor adventurers will also find an array of great biking and hiking trails like Crystal Beach Trail, Fort Travis Interpretive Trail, and Fort Travis Trail, all near other incredible outdoor activities like fishing, boating, jet skiing, bird watching, and more! Here’s what to pack in the jeep 

Car Ride Adventure Pack  

  • Sunglasses  
  • Comfortable clothes  
  • Backpack  
  • Wallet, money, and credit cards  
  • Driver’s License  
  • Travel insurance  
  • Phone & charger  
  • Camera for the beautiful scenery!  
  • Important phone numbers   
  • Trip itinerary  
  • Swedes Real Estate’s Bolivar Peninsula Vacation Guide  
  • Small Cooler   
  • Healthy snacks for energy  
  • Coffee or energy drinks   
  • Water Bottles  
  • Hand sanitizer  

Hiking Adventure Package

Bags, Clothing, and Essential Items  

  • Backpack or duffel  
  • Waist Pack or fanny pack  
  • Moisture-wicking clothing  
  • Swimsuit  
  • Dry bag for wet clothes  
  • Change of clothes  
  • Raincoat  
  • Boots/sneakers/sandals  
  • Hat  
  • Sunglasses/glasses/contacts  
  • Light jacket  

Outdoor Activity Tools  

  • Compass  
  • GPS/map  
  • Swedes Vacation Guide to Bolivar Peninsula, TX  
  • Binoculars for birding  
  • Phone and portable charger  
  • Important Phone Numbers  
  • Batteries for any devices  
  • Camera for beautiful scenery and memories!  
  • Bike lock  
  • Bike helmet  
  • Water bottles  
  • Flashlight  
  • Towel 

Personal Items  

  • Hand sanitizer  
  • First-aid kit  
  • Lotion/ SPF Chapstick  
  • Sunblock  
  • Bug spray  
  • Identification (driver’s license or passport)  

crystal beach vacation rentalAll Packed for Your Crystal Beach Vacation?  

Once you think you have everything packed, easy to find when needed, and ready to go – double-check! Maybe even triple-check! Then, you’re ready to hit the road and drive to the beautiful Gulf Coast of Texas!  

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