Top 4 Reasons the Beach is Good for Your Health

We all love going to the beach for various reasons. Some love the ability to unplug from their everyday life to get a little peace and quiet. Some like to relax with a good book. Some like to fall asleep listening to the crash of the waves right outside their window. Whatever your reason, going to the beach offers so much more than just a little rest and relaxation. You may not be aware, but the beach can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Let us break the facts down for you.


Serene Atmosphere

In the day of the cell phone, sometimes all we need is somewhere we can go to unplug and truly relax. The beach provides a peaceful atmosphere to get back to all those activities we used to enjoy before the invention of electronic devices that can hold us hostage at times. It’s a place you can let go and truly relax, letting all your worries fade off into the sunset. Not to mention, it’s the perfect place to spend time with family, talking and playing games and just enjoying being with one another without life’s usual distractions.


Vitamin D/Sunlight

Everyone loves a bright sunny day but most of us live the majority of our lives indoors which hinders us from getting the right amount of natural nutrients; one of which is Vitamin D. It is essential to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. Not getting enough can put you at risk for a variety of health conditions including breast cancer, heart disease, depression, and weight gain. Needless to say, having the right amount of Vitamin D helps increase your serotonin levels which make you feel good mentally. And who doesn’t love just sitting in the warm sun? It’s an immediate emotional boost! Of course, as always, all things in moderation. According to experts at, 10-15 minutes in the sun without sunscreen, 3 times a week, can help you naturally get the recommended vitamin D but always use the appropriate level of sunscreen if in the sun for longer periods of time.


Waves are Great White Noise for Sleeping

Most people who have trouble sleeping, find it easier to sleep at the beach. Sleeping with the door open, listening to the roar of the waves crashing…. it can be quite soothing. It’s almost like a natural sound machine! Sleep is essential to function. Some need more sleep than others but by being at the beach, one thing is certain, you’re almost guaranteed to get the best sleep you’ve ever had.


A Fresh Sea Breeze is Good for Your Brain

Have you ever heard the phrase, just breath? We underestimate the act of just taking the time to take a deep breath and center ourselves daily. But breathing ocean air has its own set of health benefits. Sea air is full of iodine, salt and magnesium that can help reduce symptoms of asthma, promote respiratory health, improve allergies and skin problems. Also, believe it or not, it can help boost your immune system.

So, when it comes time to make a decision on where to vacation this year, we hope you’ll consider the beach for these reasons! Afterall, your health depends on it. If you’re interested in getting away to our beautiful 27 mile stretch of Bolivar Peninsular, check out our rentals. If you’re looking to relocate to the beach, which we highly recommend as well, visit our website to view our current listings. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest and greatest news from Swedes Real Estate. We hope to see you soon! Book our Bolivar Peninsula vacation rentals today!