The Thrill of a Scenic Biplane Tour with Scallywag Air

If you are searching for a unique and thrilling experience during your vacation to the Bolivar Peninsula, we have just the thing! A scenic biplane ride is the perfect addition to your vacation itinerary. Those in your groups who are thrill-seekers will love the opportunity to fly over Galveston and the beautiful Gulf beach from the open-air cockpit of a biplane.

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Discover Scallywag Air

Scallywag Air, based in Galveston, TX, is renowned for its thrilling open-cockpit biplane tours and first-class pilots. This company combines the nostalgia of early aviation with modern safety standards, ensuring a memorable and secure flying experience. Scallywag Air is staffed by experienced pilots who are passionate about sharing the beauty of the Texas coast from a unique perspective. The owner, who is an Alaskan bush pilot and owns Alaska Rainbow Lodge, decided to make Galveston Island his off-season home. To feed his passion for year-round aviation and sharing the beauty of flight, Scallywag Air was born.

The Magic of Open Cockpit Biplanes

What sets a Scallywag Air tour apart is their open-cockpit biplanes. These vintage aircraft evoke the golden age of aviation, offering a romantic and adventurous way to explore the skies. Flying in an open cockpit provides an unmatched sense of freedom and is a truly unique experience. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you soar above the coastline, enjoying unobstructed views in all directions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Scallywag Air’s fleet consists of two Waco biplanes, where the pilot sits in the rear, and the guests (or co-pilot) sit in the front.

Types of Tours Offered

Scallywag Air offers a variety of biplane tours tailored to showcase the best of the Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula regions. Tours range from $199 to $475 per ride and last 20 to 60 minutes. There are two passengers max per ride. Here are some of the most popular options:

Town of Galveston, Island Tour

This tour offers a stunning aerial view of Galveston, including historic ships, bustling docks, and the scenic Seawall Boulevard. Witness the intricate dance of boats and ships from above, gaining a new appreciation for the maritime activity that defines Galveston.

First Mate Flight

The First Mate Flight is the shortest tour and features a smaller scenic circle of the town. Views include the historic Pleasure Pier and the battleship.

West End Tour

Offering stunning views of the bays and beaches of the West End of Galveston Island, this 30-minute tour showcases the pristine beauty of the Gulf Coast.

Bolivar Lighthouse Tour

This tour focuses on the iconic Bolivar Lighthouse and Bolivar Peninsula. Soar above the historic landmark that has guided mariners since 1852. As a guest of Swedes Real Estate, you may even spot your vacation rental.

Island and Bolivar Peninsula Tour

If you are looking for the whole shebang, this tour is for you. It includes a tour of Galveston, the Bolivar Peninsula, West End, and West Bay. This is the longest biplane ride offered at Scallywag Air.

Sunrise and Sunset Tours

Take in the rising or setting sun from the front seat of a biplane! This tour is an unforgettable magic experience.

Why Choose Scallywag Air?

The pilots at Scallywag Air are passionate about making each trip an excellent experience for their passengers. They point out landmarks and historic sites, making each biplane ride an interactive experience. The thrill of flying in an open-cockpit biplane and the incredible views of the Texas coast make for an epic adventure.

While only two passengers can tour at a time, the rest of your party can be included in the experience by watching from the observation platform or inside the terminal lounge.

In the event of inclement weather, your pilot will communicate with you about departure or the need to reschedule your tour. They aim to keep you safe and offer you the best experience possible.

They also offer gift certificates! These are the perfect gift for a thrill seeker or beach lover. You can give the gift of a biplane ride for a birthday or Christmas, and then they can enjoy the experience on their next trip to Bolivar Peninsula.

If you have additional questions, check out their FAQ page for more information.


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