How to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding

Planning the perfect beach wedding is no small task. Many couples underestimate what it takes to put on such a soiree. Some start planning as soon as they are engaged. They tirelessly sort through inspiration while seeking the advice of industry experts. However, some have had their special day planned since they were very young. Whatever type of “planner” you are, we are here to offer you some tips to keep your beachside wedding experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.


The Perfect Color Palette

Everything about a beach wedding speaks to a relaxing and whimsy ambiance. This entails colors that reflect the beach including neutrals, blues, and turquoise. Incorporating natural elements such as beach wood, sand, and seashells can add a bit of rustic touches to your decor. And, an all-white/ivory wedding on the beach will forever be a classic, safe bet.



If you’re a traditionalist at heart, you may be inclined to send out actual paper invites for your special occasion. However, more and more tech-savvy brides and grooms are opting for a digital space for all things wedding. There are lots of sites that can help you easily keep track of wedding attendance, accommodations, gifts, and make communicating to your guests super easy and stress-free. Websites such as ZOLA and THE KNOT continue to be great resources for planning and organizing your perfect wedding.


Flowers & The Ceremony Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers might seem like a daunting task but try to stick to flowers that are native to the area for your destination wedding. Of course, if you’ve been dreaming of your favorite custom bouquet, local florists can help you fulfill that need as well.

For the ceremony, consider the time of day you’ll be tying the knot as a sunset ceremony can make it difficult for your guests to see you and the groom. One way to get around this is to organize your chairs at an angle instead of square to the beach so the glare doesn’t distract from the moment. Also, consider providing bug spray or wipes for your guests if you know that might be a hindrance during the ceremony. And lastly, if your wedding is right on the beach, let your guests know that they can come barefoot or have a shoe rack so they can leave their shoes in a safe/organized place while they enjoy the nuptials.



If you’re getting married in the hot summer months, consider a fondant cake over a buttercream cake as buttercream tends to liquefy under extreme heat. Always consult with your baker so you understand the limitations with heat. Stay away from cheesecake or cream cheese-based cakes that tend to spoil quickly in hot weather environments.



When choosing a bridal hairstyle, go for something that will move throughout the day. Coastal weddings as susceptible to winds and changing weather patterns so you want to make sure you stay away from fixed hairstyles. An updo with a bun or braid is always popular for a beach wedding and really adds a touch a romance to an overall look.



Think about the colors, fabrics, and textures for your beach wedding. You want something that’s not too white but compliments the easy beach environment like light ivory. During summer months, go for lightweight fabrics like cotton, lace, or silk that won’t be too hot or heavy.



If you’re having a destination wedding, odds are that you’ll need to accommodate a larger than normal guest list. Consider renting multiple houses on or near the beach for the entire family so everyone can join in on the festivities from the rehearsal dinner to the reception. After all, creating wonderful, lasting memories is what it’s all about, right?

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