Holidays: Hosting at Home v.s. Taking a Trip

It’s almost the holidays and families are starting to make plans to celebrate in their own special way. Hosting a holiday at home has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you’re wanting a more stress-free and adventurous holiday this year, you may want to consider taking a trip.


Hosting at Home

You may think staying at home is a cheaper option but the average American spends on average $150 on Christmas dinner alone. And if you fall within the 25 to 35 age bracket, you may spend up to $210 on your next Christmas dinner. In addition to the cost of all the food, you also have the cost of decorations and buying all those gifts for your family members so your holiday hosting costs just went up exponentially. Not to mention the stress of cooking, hosting, cleaning, and the things that come with getting your home ready for guests. However, experiencing the holidays at home may make it easier for certain family traditions and geographically, it might be more convenient for your family members.


Taking a Trip

Taking a trip during the holidays might be a good idea to consider if you’re wanting to branch out and do something different this season. Because December is typically considered off-season for most coastal cities, you can typically get great rates for the whole family. There’s also less stress involved with taking a trip because you don’t incur the pressure of hosting. You’ll also enjoy unique food and explore new areas you might not have explored otherwise. For some people, the experience itself makes this option priceless. To make it an even cheaper option, instead of traditional gifts, consider the trip itself and time together as a family the real gift of the season.

There are lots to consider when making a decision to host the holidays at home versus taking a trip. It ultimately comes down to the needs and desires of you and your family. We, at Swedes, are a little partial to adventures so we say take the trip ???? If you’re looking to book your last-minute holiday getaway with us, we have special rates available when you book now through February 2020 so give us a call today at 1-409-684-3345!

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